Phyto Color Permanent Coloring with Vegetable...

Phyto Color Permanent Coloring with Vegetable Pigments 10 Extra Light Blond

Phyto Color Permanent Coloring is a high-gloss storage cream with vegetable pigments.

Phyto Color Permanent Coloring with Vegetable Pigments 10 Extra Light Blond


Phyto Color Permanent Coloring It is a permanent capillary color, which provides an intense glow and white cover, without damaging hair and scalp. Elaborated with vegetable pigments, copper 100% of white hair from the 1st application and ensures long-lasting color maintenance. It provides an intense and luminous color of long lasting. Respects hair and scalp and minimizes the risks of allergies. No ammonia, PPD or resorcin. Ideal for sensitive scalp. Color: Extra clear blond.


Phyto Color Permanent coloring has an innovative formula (with 74% of botany pigments) Easy to apply and untuant, which does not flow and allows precise and uniform breakdown from the roots to the tips Hair. Formulated with a combination of vegetable pigments, jojoba oil and monoi, Juazeiro and Epaline bark extract.

  • Contains: 1 bottle of developer milk, 1 color cream tube, 1 color protective mask sachet and 1 pair of gloves and brochure with application instructions.


    Hair with an intense, bright and uniform color.

    Advice for use

    Always follow the packaging instructions of Phyto Color Permanent Coloring . Apply the ink for 30 minutes and wash your hair. Rinse abundantly.

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