Institut Esthederm Protective Body Lotion...

Institut Esthederm Protective Body Lotion Moderate Sun 200ml

Body care lotion that protects, optimizes natural tanning, preserves the quality and the youthfulness of the skin in the sun.

Insheut Esthederm Adaptasun Lait Protecteur Corps Soleil Fort 200ml


Care in milk sunscreen, suntan stimulator and moisturizer. Extreme exposure to the sun. Ideal care for protected skin with a longer lasting bronze.


Minimizes exposure time and protects youth's skin capital. photoaging and cell damage, compensatory care for dehydration caused by photoexposure.

Advice for use

Apply to the body 20 minutes before direct sun exposure. Reapply every two hours.

For who
With more than 30 years of specialization, Esthederm care guarantees the preservation of youth and skin beauty. Since its inception in 1978, Esthederm has developed care to preserve and prolong all the signs of youth on the skin. Esthederm's patented technology is responsible for restoring the biological factors of biological aging, enhancing the skin's natural defenses against environmental damage and preserving them from photoaging.
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