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Holle Bio Jar Puree Potato Pumpkin...

Holle Bio Jar Puree Potato Pumpkin Courgette 6M + 190g

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The Holle Organic Vegetable Puree Jar is indicated for the beginning of a diversified baby's diet over 6 months. Only with organic farming ingredients without added sugar. Puree with very fine texture of potato, pumpkin and courgette.
Holle Bio Jar Puree Potato Pumpkin Courgette 6M + 190g


The Holle Vegetable Jar is especially suitable for quick meals away from home for babies and adults.


Produced with organic ingredients only and no added sugar. With 20% potato, 16% pumpkin, 13% courgette, water and rice semolina.


Very tasty puree with very fine texture. The lid pack allows to store in the refrigerator 2 days after opening. No added sugar or salt, no milk protein, no emulsifiers, yeast free, egg free, lactose free.

Advice on use

Before use add two teaspoons of olive oil, mix and heat. When introducing solid foods, start by giving a few spoons and gradually increase the amount according to the baby's needs. Unused food can be stored properly sealed in the jar in the refrigerator for two days.
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