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Forte Pharma Pesoredux Max 60Caps

Forte Pharma Pesoredux Max 60Caps

PesoRedux is a food supplement indicated for weight loss, containing guarana a complete action recognized to act in the degradation of fats and their elimination. It also contains zinc, which contributes to normal fatty acid metabolism and chromium, which helps maintain normal blood glucose levels.


Forte Pharma Pesoredux Max 60Caps


The food supplement Pesoredux Max is indicated in weight control diets. It limits the absorption of fats and controls appetite.


Formulated with guarana to accelerate the degradation of imbedded fats and facilitate their breakdown.

Chromium helps keep glucose levels constant thus controlling appetite and feelings of hunger.


The volume in body fat accumulation areas is quickly reduced. Throughout the day the appetite is reduced and the feeling of hunger diminished.

Common Directions for Use

One capsule at breakfast and one capsule at lunch with a large glass of water.

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