Babé Anti-Fall Shampoo 250ml

Babé Anti-Fall Shampoo 250ml

Babé Anti-Fall Shampoo is a hygiene care in syndet format for fragile, fine and delicate hair prone to fall. Revitalizes and strengthens from the root, enhances the growth phase of the hair, promotes capillary circulation and regulates excess oiliness, one of the main causes of hair loss. For seasonal hair loss. Physiological pH 5.5. Dermatologically tested.

Babé Anti-Fall Shampoo 250ml


Babé Anti-Fall Shampoo is a hair hygiene shampoo that revitalises and strengthens from the root, preventing seasonal hair loss.


Babé Anti-Fall Shampoo is formulated by:

Hair Conditioners 1.20%- hydrate the strands, decreasing their breakage and electrostatic electricity.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract 1%- extract with vasoregulatory action that increases blood flow.

Quina Extract 1%- extract with regenerating action that helps strengthen weak hair and prevent hair loss.

Cytobiol Burdock 0.50%- composed of burdock extract, zinc sulfate and biotin. Strengthens the hair structure and simultaneously helps reduce and regulate fat production.


Strong, voluminous hair, full of vitality.

Consumed Use

Apply Babé Anti-Fall Shampoo to wet scalp with gentle massages 2 to 3 times a week. Intersperse with Babé Extra Mild Shampoo. To reinforce the anti-fall effect, use Babé Anti Fall Lotion.

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