Medela Biberão 150ml with Tetina Calm

Medela Biberão 150ml with Tetina Calm

Medela Bibter 150ml with Tetina Calm is a innovative feeding solution designed for breastfed babies. Created not to interfere with breastfeeding and allow the baby to feed on the form that you learned in the breast.Famed with BPA-free materials for mother and baby safety. Size and universal model.


Medela bottle 150ml with calm tetina


medela bottle bottle 150ml with calm tetina was created as an option for mothers to breastfeed which intend to feed Your babies with breast milk extracted.


Medela bottle 150ml with calm tetina allows the baby to suck, swallow and breathe in a natural way. You can drink, pause and breathe with a natural rhythm, staying calm and comfortable. The baby has to create a vacuum to start the flow of milk, managing to maintain its natural suction behavior. The flow, shape and length of the bottle allow a fit to the needs of the baby as it grows. The bottle is ventilated by an air inlet system; Since the liberation of milk is not related to air strength with which the tetina is screwed.


Baby calm and comfortable. Safe feeding because the baby does not swallow air during breastfeeding.

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