Holle Bio Muesli Cereal Flakes with...

Holle Bio Muesli Cereal Flakes with Organic Fruit 10M + 250g

The Muesli Holle with whole grains and fruit of biological origin is recommended to prepare with water or milk or to join to the potatoes of fruit from the 10 months. Lactose Free, No Sugar Added.

Holle Bio Muesli Cereal Flakes with Organic Fruit 10M + 250g


transition from 10 months to the family. No added milk may be prepared with milk, water or added to the fruit. Formulated from selected whole oat seeds and derived from organic farming. The grain is pre-treated with steam and temperature to facilitate the baby's digestion and assimilation.


With cornflakes, potato and flakes of biological spelled
With flakes of dates, apple and banana of biological origin. > Cereal muesli with very thin pieces that are immediately soft when adding milk. Muesli with delicate flavor elaborated only with ingredients of biological origin and without added sugar or salt. Contains gluten. Prepares about 10 servings

Advice for use

Varied use. Quick and easy preparation without boiling. With dairy products for babies or whole milk can be prepared a potato milk and cereals. For the milk-free variant from the beginning of the food supplement, water is also suitable and, as a mixed feed supplement, the fruit preparation is also suitable.

Oat flakes 30%, cornflakes 25%, spelled potato 20%, spelta flakes 15%, 3 fruit flakes (wheat flour, juice date concentrate, apple juice concentrate, banana puree) 10%, thiamin.

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